Scott has been in the mortgage industry since 2008 originating hundreds of millions in mortgages and is responsible for over 1 billion in origination; Scott has worked with players and representatives from the NHL, NFL, MLB, CFL, MLS, and artists that have performed on the Canadian Music Awards and many executives.

So how does Scott get to work with such prestigious clientele?

The Irish have an expression “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. Who you have talking about you will ultimately define the clients you will be working with in the future. And for Scott, choosing to work with NHL players was a conscious decision, not just a random accident!

Scott played hockey his whole life and played for the ‘Oakville Blades’ a top-level Junior A hockey team. Talking business with fellow hockey players was something that Scott was very comfortable with.

Step 1.

Scott started making contacts by researching and approaching professional sports groups and organizations within his community. The goal was to connect, do an outstanding job for people who are influential to athletes, and then network from there.

Step 2.

“Professional athletes are taught from day one to get a financial advisor” says Scott, “because hey, that 5-year 12-million-dollar contract could end abruptly with a head injury. Knowing how to manage and invest money properly is super-high-priority to any athlete”.

Scott invested a great deal of time and energy in networking with top-tier financial advisors and created specific programs for athletes which involved supporting the wealth management and day-to-day banking, with mortgage credit.

Module #8. “Financial Advisors: The Opinion Leaders of Luxury Homeowners” covers off specific strategies on working with financial advisors, who act as a quarterback for every financial decision High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) make, which, of course, includes professional athletes.

Every deal closed with this clientele is $1M+ dollars, and getting free signed sports jerseys is all part of delivering an outstanding client experience. Rather than put the jersey’s up in his office, Scott prefers to donate them to charity. “This helps build up trust and respect in my community which in turn, leads to even more business”.