How Would it Feel to Work Exclusively with High Income, High Net-Worth, Low Maintenance Mortgage Clients? 


Calum Ross has personally funded over $2.5 billion dollars of residential mortgages by specializing in real estate investing. He’s laid out his step-by-step blueprint to success in an exclusive Master Class.

This Master Class Gives You

A Step-By-Step Plan on How To Transform Your Mortgage Business 

What You Will Learn

✓ Real estate investment strategies useful for any market

✓ How to deliver a state-of-the-art presentation to realtors & investors

✓ Where and how to find real estate clients

✓ How to make more money for yourself, your realtor partners & your clients

✓ How to move from price to advice

✓ Why targeting real estate investors is the best move you’ll make in 2020

✓ Tools that will make real estate investors want to work with you exclusively

✓ How to transform your business from transactional to relational

✓ How to analyze ANY real estate investment opportunity quickly, including: Fix & Flips, Single Family Homes, Student Rentals, Multi-Family Apartments, Commercial Properties

Resources & Bonus Material

Hint: These Extras Are GAME CHANGING!  

Bonus #1. Professional Grade Real Estate Analysis Software – $1495 Value!

  • Create STUNNING reports for your clients and your real estate agent partners.
  • Analyze ANY investment opportunity 
  • Print over 15 colourful presentation-quality reports for your clients and your realtor partners! 
  • Fully customizable – simply drag & drop your logo & your photos of each property
  • Imagine your clients & partners reaction to your level of professionalism
  • Quickly enter a property’s financial information and the software automatically calculates cash flow and rates-of-return for up to 20 years
  • From single-family residence to apartments to shopping centers, this handles it all! 

“Just closed another multifamily deal with your software!  Our investors love these easy to understand property packages.  We are selling out quickly on each one!  Your software has helped show our clients their returns in a visual, easy to digest format. Amazing!” – Matt McCormick

Bonus #2. The Real Estate Retirement Plan

Get a signed copy by Amazon and Globe & Mail best selling author, Calum Ross!  Calum specializes in helping consumers make the most educated decisions about their mortgage and investment management. Key expertise in helping Realtors partners maximize their client retention and effectively grow their business especially in the investment and luxury home market. Regularly featured in media as a financial expert including appearances on Global, CTV, CNBC and BNN. Additionally, Calum has contributed to The Globe & Mail, The National Post, and The Toronto Star.

We go Live on July 30th, Will You Join Us & Take Your Mortgage Career to the Next Level?! 

The difference between other “feel good” Master Classes taught by “experts” and the one I’m teaching is simple: I live, eat, sleep and write mortgages. I’ve personally funded over $2.5B in mortgages. This takes hard work, commitment and a proven system that I’m prepared to share with you…once implemented I guarantee you will take your career to its next level. Whether you’re just starting out or are an industry veteran, I promise you’ll make 10X your investment back. I will only teach this highly specialized Master Class, live, once or twice a year. This is your chance to answer questions in real time. Don’t miss this opportunity, next class is scheduled for late fall! 


Master Class + Investor Software + Book + Articles + Templates = $1995 Value 

We are giving you all of this for only $495! 

To make this Master Class fully interactive and to ensure students have the opportunity to get all of their questions answered, we are limiting our Master Class to 40 Students. Advanced pricing is only available for the next:

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“The very best investment you can make is one that you can’t beat, can’t be taxed and not even inflation can take away from you. Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself” – Warren Buffet, Forbes