Tribe of Millionaires” is a book written by 4 highly successful people to highlight the importance of being part of a group that holds you accountable to living your best life. The book is based upon 6 core ideas:

The Influence Effect: Your destiny is shaped by those around you.

The Multiplier Effect: The right group of people compounds your efforts.

The Accountability Effect: Accountability is the world’s most powerful force.

The Authenticity Effect: You find your true self among those you trust.

The Purpose Effect: The right people reveal your richest source of power.

The Connection Effect: Your life will be measured by the quality of your relationships

Being part of a “Tribe of Millionaires”, if you so choose, can and must be about more than simply making money. But at the same time, you must be pushed to absolutely crush it in your mortgage business. Your confidence and your freedom (to do whatever you want to) expand exponentially when you are able to achieve total financial self-reliance.

The Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor course is designed to hold you accountable. Tribe of Millionaires states that “Accountability is the world’s most powerful force and the right group of people compounds your efforts”. 12-weeks of training and mentoring includes guest speakers from the following professions:

  • Private Banking
  • Luxury Home Builder
  • Mortgage Broker ($100M+ producer)
  • Commercial Mortgage Broker

You will have a chance to interact with other mortgage brokers who have invested in themselves by signing up for our 12-week program – we invite you to join our Tribe of Millionaires! After all, “the right people reveal your richest source of power”

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