Welcome to the course!  You’re entering the world of luxury homes, private bankers, angel investors and the ultra-rich. You’ll learn how to effectively build a business around one of the most lucrative markets in our industry. Become wealthy by helping the wealthy! This course consists of 18 online modules and 12-weeks of “power-calls”. You are not required to complete the online modules in any particular order, you can review topics that are of immediate interest to you and complete the rest at your own pace. At the end of each module you will have a short quiz and/or a homework assignment. In order to have access to the luxury advisor logos you are required to complete all 18-modules and a multiple- choice exam. Power calls are every Tuesday, 12pm EST. If there is a holiday you will receive an email from us pushing the call back 1-week. Power calls are you chance to ask Scott Westlake and Roland Mackintosh anything you feel you need help with or would like to explore further. Please email your questions to: