Course Curriculum

Module 1. Introduction

Key Concepts – Website orientation; where/how to download broker resources; testing at end of each module; submitting questions for weekly power calls; course instructor contact details

Download: Daily Time Blocker

Download: Top Down Goal Planner

Module 2. Understanding Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – How luxury homeowners think; what they do and do not like; decision making; belief and value systems; fundamentals of the 5 affluent market segments; how to target and work effectively within each segment

Download – Activity Tracker

Module 3. Your Luxury Sales & Marketing Plan

Key Concepts – Analysis of your current business; financial projections; goal-setting; vision, mission and values; unique selling proposition; SWOT analysis; analyzing the luxury market; time management; marketing strategies for your referral network and existing clients; networking tactics and opportunities; online and social media strategy

Download – 42-Page Business Plan

Module 4. Vision, Mission, Values

Key Concepts – Crafting your vision, mission statement, and value proposition; focusing your direction and purpose; marketing message and consistency; framework for strategic decisions; competitive differentiation

Bonus Content – 2018 Vancouver Panel of Mortgage Experts discuss building your mortgage business around high net-worth clientele

Module 5. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Key Concepts – Crafting your USP; simplified messaging for referral partners and clients; your elevator pitch

Bonus Content – 2018 Toronto Panel of Mortgage Experts discuss building your mortgage business around high net-worth clientele

Module 6. Becoming A Luxury Home Market Expert

Key Concepts – Local, regional and International market review; luxury home owners’ international perspective; using market statistics; driving forces behind statistics; currency fluctuations; emerging job markets; industry

Download – The 2019 Wealth Report

Module 7. Building Your Network of Top Tier Referral Partners

Key Concepts – Strong referral network/lifetime revenue; building a network of top-tier referral partners; teaching partners to endorse, recommend and introduce you to luxury homeowners; luxury realtor strategies; partners most brokers won’t target (e.g., angel investors)

Download – Cash-Flow Analysis Worksheet For Investment Properties

Module 8. Financial Advisors: The Opinion Leaders of Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – Top-tier financial advisors; how to grow and preserve their book; investment products and terminology; understanding bond yields, negative interest rates and fiscal policy; intelligent debt; non-taxable alternatives to liquidating registered investments

Case Study – Leverage Investing in Equities

Case Study – Leverage Investing in Real Estate

Module 9. The Affluent Client Meeting

Key Concepts – Ultimate client experience; your two clients (referral partners & customers); perfect loan process; Tuesday update calls; listing agents/captive audience; white glove service; non-verbal communication; memorability; word-of-mouth; clear and concise communication; lifestyle questionnaires; local history; gift-giving; creating “buzz” with luxury homeowners

Module 10. Luxury Marketing Strategies For Existing Clients

Key Concepts – Customer acquisition and retention; Top of mind awareness (TOMA); striking imagery; luxury lifestyle newsletter; email subject lines; A/B testing; referrals; endorse and recommend; video endorsement, Top 12 clients

Module 11. Event, Community, Seminars

Key Concepts – Event marketing tips and suggestions; elevating your personal brand; importance of selling the event; creating buzz before, during and after the event; giving back; employing seminars/subject matter expert

Case Study – Event marketing to gain 9,000+ LinkedIn contacts

Module 12. Online Marketing Strategies To Target Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – Online and social media strategy; Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Flipboard and YouTube; education-based marketing vs. selling; 1 vertical market; power of creating a downloadable white paper

Case Study – 100 client meetings booked with sophisticated property investors

Module 13. Using Social Media To Target Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – Target referral partners who influence opinion leaders of groups to which luxury homeowners belong; networking directly with luxury homeowners; using LinkedIn effectively; top-of-mind awareness with existing clients and partners

Download –  Sample Letter of Engagement

Module 14. The Retired Upper Tier Client

Key Concepts – 2 priorities of moving into retirement; luxury home/reflection of success; utilizing equity to reduce taxable income; increasing longevity of investment portfolios; 3 powerful ways to add value to a financial planner/private banker

Download – Sample Letter of Direction

Download – Executive Loan Summary

Module 15. Commercial Mortgage Lending

Key Concepts – Differences between commercial and residential lending; 5 factors to consider when charging a fee; property valuation; terminology; ratios; net operating income; cash-on-cash return; debt-coverage-ratio; capitalization rate; commercial lenders; private bankers; 5-step loan process

Download – Commercial Loan Document Checklist

Case Study – 32 Unit Apartment Building Cash-Flow Analysis

Module 16. Sales Psychology - Enhance Any Presentation

Key Concepts – Want vs. need; taking the audience on a journey; make them feel uncomfortable; worse before better; enticing action; your solution; teach, tailor, and take control; mastering presentation skills

Download – “Investing in Real Estate” PowerPoint presentation for realtors

Module 17. Delivering Your Client Seminar

Key Concepts– Creating and delivering a seminar to potential customers; you are the subject matter expert; why they will buy immediately

Download– “Creating Generational Wealth through Real Estate” PowerPoint presentation for client seminar

Module 18. Your Personal Brand & Winning Habits

Key Concepts– Your personal brand; how to position yourself and differentiate your business; becoming a magnet for luxury homeowners and their centers of influence; Top-10 winning habits; using your luxury logos

Final Exam

Download– Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor logos

By Courier– Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor Certificate