We are going to walk you through an awesome case study. Here is the exact blueprint of how this mortgage professional generated over $46.2 million in new revenue by using Facebook to target sophisticated property investors with a minimum of $1.5 million in mortgage debts.

The mortgage agent wanted to differentiate his business from his competitors, so he decided to focus on a hyper-niche market: property investors who had a minimum of $1.5 million in mortgage debt and owned a minimum of two investment properties each.

Here is a summary of the Facebook campaign:

  • $17,000 spent on advertising
  • 131 new client meetings booked
  • $46,200,000 in new mortgage originations!

 The Mortgage Blueprint – How He Did It

 When Warren Buffet was asked what his key to success was, he famously pointed to the bookshelves lining his office and replied, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

The mortgage professional knew that he wanted to focus on a niche market and to target clients who other mortgage professionals were not targeting. He also knew that many affluent clients gained wealth by investing in real estate. So, he set out to become an expert and took Warren Buffets advice: he started to read as many books as he could about how to invest in real estate.

Step #1: Downloadable White Paper 

After his research was complete, he wrote a report entitled “Better Real Estate Investing Strategies.” This report, or downloadable white paper, was the first step in his online marketing campaign. A downloadable white paper can be an invaluable lead-generation tool for your website. It is a powerful way to position yourself as a “subject-matter expert”. It can be used in paid advertising or on your blog.

Step #2: Facebook Ad Campaign

Now, the mortgage agent was not, by any means, an expert in digital marketing, so he hired an ad agency to get the word out about his white paper. The agency decided to use Facebook, which, as many of you know, collects an insane amount of data about its users.

Facebook would be used to target property investors who had a minimum of $1.5 million in mortgage debts and owned a minimum of two investment properties each.

Step #3: Direct Response Incentive Program (DRIP)

An email Direct Response Incentive Program, or DRIP, is designed to do the following:

a) Illicit a direct response from your target audience, by

b) Offering an incentive (in this case the free, downloadable white paper)

The ad agency created a call to action on the mortgage professionals’ website that would entice clients to fill out a contact form and subscribe to his email list. They offered the free downloadable report as a lead magnet. The email addresses of those who downloaded the report were put into a marketing automation platform which allowed the broker to automatically send emails at daily or weekly intervals.

Step #4: Launch Facebook Ad Campaign

Now, getting clients from Facebook onto your website is the real trick, and that’s why they used an agency that specialized in Facebook advertising. The agency ran over 1000 ads across 13 different campaigns. The Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor course has specific examples of what these ads look like and what worked best.

After a while, some advertisements began to outperform the others, allowing the agency to zero in on which ones were working the best. Ads can become stale and need to be recalibrated to keep the results rolling in. Some of the ways the agency kept the ads fresh and the audience interested were as follows:

  • Regularly changing up ad copy and creative
  • Resting successful creative for several weeks before reactivating
  • Expanding what is working with look-alike advertisements
  • Testing new landing pages
  • Bid management to maximize clicks/budget
  • Pause advertising to focus on funnel nurturing; in other words, converting the clients who requested downloads of the free white paper into phone appointments with a mortgage professional.

In summary, a downloadable white paper can be an invaluable lead-generation tool. It can be sent to your database and referral partners, and it can be given to any client or potential client. Your downloadable white paper is a powerful way to position you as the subject-matter expert.

If you are serious about going after high-net-worth clients, you may want to consider going after a niche audience that you know has a) high mortgage debt, b) multiple investment properties and c) the desire to continue to expand their real estate investment portfolios.